Neil Young Is Still Supporting Bernie Sanders

Katie Jerkovich | Contributor

Neil Young said he’s still supporting Bernie Sanders for president, but admitted he finds Donald Trump “interesting.”

On Wednesday, the 70-year-old rocker told the Hollywood Reporter that Sanders is his candidate because he believes in his message.

“I’m with Bernie [Sanders] all the way,” he said. “Hillary [Clinton] definitely has experience, but Bernie’s the one I believe. I agree with his message, and my way of thinking is more important to me than whether the media thinks Bernie Sanders has a chance at winning.” (RELATED: Donald Trump: ‘Total Hypocrite’ Neil Young Asked Me For Money)

“Well, if it is Trump, I don’t know if there’ll be room at the border,” Young joked. “I don’t think much about what it would be like with Trump. It’s kind of out of my realm.”

“I hesitate to say too much about him,” he continued. “He’s an interesting guy — he has made some totally off-the-wall statements that I don’t agree with. But parts of his personality and his upbringing are like George [W.] Bush, as you can tell if he really believes what he’s saying.”

Katie Jerkovich



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