Margot Robbie Opens Up About Her Shocking ‘Wolf Of Wall Street’ Sex Scene

Kaitlan Collins | White House Correspondent

Margot Robbie said it was awkward filming her first sex scene.

When “The Wolf of Wall Street” was released in 2013, a part of the movie that stood out to viewers was the scene between the 26-year-old Australian actress and Leonardo DiCaprio — when they are in their daughter’s bedroom and Robbie spreads her legs open to taunt DiCaprio’s character.


“In that first low-budget film I did in Australia, I had a shower scene,” Robbie said during her interview with Vanity Fair. “So I was practically naked there as well, but it wasn’t anywhere as much as in Wolf, but it was still…” (RELATED: This Actress’s Pet Rat Eats Organic Berries From Whole Foods)

“Actually, I hadn’t done a proper sex scene before. I’d done scenes where it’s leading into sex or sex has just finished, but I hadn’t done a start-to-finish sex scene like I did in ‘Wolf.’ That was my first.”

“Tons of people are watching you. There isn’t an option. It’s just like, This is what you need to do—get on with it. The sooner you do it, the sooner you can stop doing it.”

“It’s so awkward.”

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Kaitlan Collins

White House Correspondent


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