Gene Simmons’s Daughter Just Posted ANOTHER Scandalous Lingerie Photo

Kaitlan Collins | Contributor

Sophie Tweed-Simmons is all grown up.

Gene Simmons’s 23-year-old daughter proved that yet again when she posted another lingerie photo on Instagram. In the shot, Simmons leans up against a cosmetic counter while wearing matching blue and green underwear.

After she was criticized for posting such seductive photos, Sophie said she was only getting negative feedback because she was curvy. (RELATED: Olivia Newton John’s Daughter Just Posted The Most Scandalous Swimsuit Photo Ever)

“Here is straight sized model Josephine modeling for Victoria’s Secret and Me modeling for Adore me, yet she is considered ‘classy’ and I am considered ‘slutty,'” Simmons wrote on Instagram recently.

“Interesting that some of you say ‘she changed’ or ‘I hoped she wouldn’t go down this route’ when really I’ve just booked a substantial catalogue job as a model. The job happens to be underwear… and because my booty is larger than hers, I’m being labeled.” (RELATED: Gene Simmons’s Daughter Shows It All)

Kaitlan Collins



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