Playboy Model Katie May’s Cause Of Death Revealed

Ford Springer | Reporter

Playboy model Katie May died from a stroke in February that is now believed to have been caused by a chiropractor who adjusted her neck after she injured it in a photoshoot.

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According to May’s death certificate obtained by TMZ, she died from a blunt force injury that tore her left vertebral artery, cutting off the “blood flow to her brain.” The certificate claims the injury occurred during a “neck manipulation” by a chiropractor.

Several days after her visit to the chiropractor, May suffered a stroke which ultimately led to her tragic death after spending several days on life support.

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May’s family was made aware of the Los Angeles County Coroner’s findings. They have not announced whether they will pursue legal action, TMZ reports.

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The late model is survived by her seven-year-old daughter Mia. May’s loved ones have set up a crowdfunding campaign to support her daughter, according to Esquire. “Katie lived for her daughter, who was not only the most important and most fulfilling part of her life, but also her best friend,” the campaign page states.

Ford Springer



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