Ray Rice Is Now Speaking Out Against Domestic Violence In The NFL

India Ingersoll | Contributor

Ray Rice, who cold-cocked his wife in an elevator, is now the voice of change in the NFL for how it handles domestic violence, NBC 4 Washington reports.

Rice, who was released by the Baltimore Ravens in 2014 after video of him punching his wife went viral, now speaks out against domestic violence. On Feb. 15, 2014, Rice and his then fiancee now wife, Janay, were arrested because of their physical altercation in Atlantic City, N.J. The dispute was caught on an elevator camera at the Revel Casino. Outside the elevator, the couple could be seen fighting. Inside the elevator, Janay approached Rice and he punched her, knocking her out, and then dragged her out of the elevator. They married six weeks later.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said in September 2014, “We strongly, strongly condemn and will punish behavior that is totally unacceptable.”

In a new interview with NBC 4, Rice said, “I was trying to the ‘the man,’ not ‘a man.'”

He referred to the incident as the “worst decision of his life.”

He was initially suspended indefinitely, but in November 2014 his ban was lifted, though he hasn’t played since. In 2016, he said he would give 100 percent of his salary to domestic violence organizations if he could play again. Since the video’s release, the NFL has increased suspensions for incidents of domestic violence. There is a six-game suspension for one offense, and a lifetime ban from the league for a second.

Baltimore Ravens' Ray Rice

“Domestic violence is a real issue,” Rice said. “It is a real issue. It happens every 12 seconds as we speak. But if you think about it, the conversation wasn’t really being had the way it is now because of my video. If I can explain it to young men my worst decision, I know that I can save someone.”

“Winning is big,” he said. “I take that, and I cherish it, but if I played and never got another Super Bowl, but I helped save some men in the locker room, then I’m a champion.”

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