DC Metro Police Criticized For Arresting 18-Year-Old For Unlawful Entry [VIDEO]

Ford Springer | Reporter

The Metro Transit Police are being criticized for their handling of an arrest they made Tuesday of an 18-year-old girl for unlawful entry.

Videos of the arrest have been circulating after the DMV Black Lives Matter chapter posted them on their Twitter account.

People are criticizing the DC Metro Police for “excessive use of force” after seeing the videos, according to The Washington Post.

Several officers try to calm the young girl down who can be heard screaming as the officers instruct her to sit down. Eventually one of the officers grabbed the girl by the arm and kicked the back of her leg to get her to sit.

As seen in the video, people begin to gather around the police and the girl who is handcuffed, sitting on the ground and continuing to scream.

The Metro Police arrested the girl, who is not identified in the arrest report, and escorted her to a D.C. police station.

Police first approached the girl on the paid side of the fare gates of the Columbia Heights Metro station, The Washington Post reports. She was eating a bag of potato chips when an officer asked her to put the food away, because customers are banned from eating or drinking in Metro trains and stations.

After the girl refused to put the food away the officer told her twice to put it away or leave the station. The girl again refused and the officer placed her in handcuffs. What followed can be seen in the videos. The charges against the girl were dropped on Wednesday.

Ford Springer



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