ESPN’s Jay Bilas Silences Colleague In NCAA Player Compensation Argument

Ford Springer | Contributor

ESPN sports business analyst Darren Rovell got embarrassed by one of his own colleagues when he made a comment on student athletes and why they aren’t paid for playing by the NCAA.

A Business Insider article published Wednesday calculated the value of college football players if “they were able to play free market system and receive compensation in a manner similar to that of the NFL.”

Rovell disagreed with the analysis made in the article and tweeted out his disapproval.

It didn’t take long for ESPN college basketball analyst and former player Jay Bilas to call Rovell out for his comment. And the two ESPN employees fired back and forth at each other for a while until Bilas finally shut Rovell up.

Bilas has been one of the most outspoken advocates of player compensation by the NCAA and the college programs that rake in outrageous amounts of revenue thanks (in part) to their student athletes.

Ford Springer



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