Ryan Lochte Gets Bad News From Brazilian Judge

David Hookstead | Contributor

A Brazilian judge refused to dismiss charges against American swimming hero Ryan Lochte.

The Brazilian judge chose not to dismiss his charges of filing a false police report and sent the case up to the higher Ministry of Justice court, according to TMZ Sports(RELATED: Brazilian Police Officially Press Charges Against American Hero Ryan Lochte)

Ryan Lochte (Photo: Reuters)

Ryan Lochte (Photo: Reuters)

Lochte likely won’t face prison time for his alleged crime, and will instead probably just face a fine. (RELATED: More Proof Emerges That The Police In Brazil Lied About Ryan Lochte)

The gold medal winning champion was held at gunpoint and all his money was taken from him during the Rio Olympics because he urinated on a bush at a gas station. The Brazilian government has maintained that it wasn’t a robbery like Lochte claimed, but instead a negotiation.

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