Denver Broncos Linebacker Robbed During Monday Night Football Game

Ford Springer | Contributor

Denver Broncos linebacker DeMarcus Ware came home after a win against the Houston Texans on Monday Night Football to find his house had been robbed.

The nine-time pro bowler didn’t seem all that upset about it though, because he’s got security cameras looking out for him while he’s away.

Luckily for Ware, those hidden cameras caught a glimpse of the thieves who didn’t even bother to cover up their faces.

The Denver Police Department released the photos captured from Ware’s security cameras so that someone might help them find the suspects, Deadspin reports. The flier, posted on Twitter by the Denver PD offers $2,000 to anyone who aids the police in finding the suspects responsible for the robbery.

Aside from the whole burglary thing, Ware had a pretty exceptional night in the Broncos 27-9 win over the Texans. The star linebacker recorded two tackles and two sacks on his former backup quarterback Brock Osweiler.

Ford Springer



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