Sheryl Crow On CNN: A Shorter Election Would Make It More Civilized

Kaitlan Collins | Contributor

Sheryl Crow argued in favor of a shorter election to make the entire process more civilized.

“We have a say in this and we’re telling you that all of us want to see this thing changed,” Crow said when she appeared on CNN Tuesday.

“We want to have a better system for our kids to feel good about. We want to put some respect back into the Oval Office. When it drags out this long it becomes — it only benefits the networks. It only benefits policy, not even policymakers, but political consultants.”

“When I was a kid, it was Walter Cronkite,” she continued. (RELATED: Katy Perry Stumps For Hillary Clinton In ‘Nasty Woman’ T-Shirt)

(Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images)

(Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images)

“You had the debates, you had conversations at home, you had the newspapers, we had every way of possible of finding out information about our candidates. We can’t let it become what it’s become now. There’s a lot of time on our hands to fill up 24 hours of news and a lot of what gets covered has nothing to do with the issues.”

“Perhaps we can get respect back into system. We have a lot of great candidates that are running, but this thing went in a completely different direction. It’s created vitriol.”

“We have to abandon that and get back to something more civilized.” (RELATED: Miley Cyrus To Donald Trump Supporters: ‘Kiss My A**’)

Kaitlan Collins



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