Clay Travis Reveals Who He’s Endorsing For President [VIDEO]

David Hookstead | Contributor

Outkick the Coverage founder and Fox Sports pundit Clay Travis has endorsed Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson for president.

Travis announced his decision on Twitter late Tuesday afternoon with a tweet stating, “Just gave my presidential endorsement on @Outkick. I am voting for @GovGaryJohnson. Best option for radical moderates.”

The outspoken sports pundit explained his reasons on his Periscope show “Outkick the Coverage” as for why he chose Johnson over Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. (RELATED: Clay Travis: ‘Nobody Saves More Lives For Black People Than The Police’ [VIDEO])


Travis has been critical of both Republicans and Democrats throughout the election cycle, and has also routinely hammered Black Lives Matter and the politically correct culture.

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David Hookstead



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