Steve Bartman Continues To Cheer For The Cubs While Hiding In Exile

David Hookstead | Reporter

Infamous Chicago Cubs fan Steve Bartman is privately cheering for the Cubs in the World Series.

Bartman infamously appeared to interfere with the ball during game six of the 2003 NLCS, and the Cubs went onto to blow their lead. They went on to lose in game seven of the 2003 NLCS. (SLIDESHOW: These Barely Clothed Women Love Baseball)


The Cubs are finally back in the World Series for the first time since 1945, and Bartman is still cheering from his team, despite the fact he could never do it publicly.

“Steve is cheering for the Cubs and continues to be a Cubs fan. He just wants everybody, moving forward, to respect his privacy and let his life continue to unfold as the grand plan has it. Unimpeded by things that have been blown out of proportion,” said family friend Frank Murtha, according to USA Today.

Murtha also added, “What’s his greatest wish? That this would go away and fade into the sunset.”

Bartman’s life has remained a massive mystery since that fateful night in 2003. He doesn’t make public appearances and few people in the country actually know what he looks like thanks to the fact his outfit widely concealed his identity that night.

The Cubs are currently down 0-1 in the World Series to the Cleveland Indians.

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David Hookstead



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