Stevie Wonder Sings Happy Birthday To Hillary: ‘It’s Time To Let A Woman Do It’

Katie Jerkovich | Contributor

Stevie Wonder sang Happy Birthday to Hillary Clinton and said it was time to let “a woman do it,” throwing his support behind her.

On Wednesday, the 66-year-old singer appeared on a national syndicated radio show called “The Breakfast Club” to wish Clinton a good birthday as she turned 69. Wonder wore a jacket that read, “Hillary first female prez.”  (RELATED: Stevie Wonder Addresses Dallas Sniper Shooting Before Concert)


“I’m really excited to be here,” Wonder said. “[I’m] excited to support someone that I’ve had such great love and respect for years, so it’s very exciting and I think that, truth be told, as men we have had our chance to work it out. It’s time to let a woman do it.” (RELATED: Stevie Wonder Advocates For Gun Control Mid-Concert)

“We have to truly become united people of the United States of America and divisiveness can not make that happen,” he added. “And we can’t live in a place of fear. Fear is what puts dreams to sleep.”

“Go out and vote.”

After the song, one of the hosts joked that it wasn’t as “awkward” as when Mary J. Blige sang to her.

Earlier in the interview the hosts talked to Clinton about the moment in the final presidential debate when it appears she is either scratching her nose or flipping Donald Trump the bird. Clinton avoided answering whether she was or wasn’t and just laughed it off.

“Very subtle so subtle, I didn’t know I was doing it,” Clinton joked. “But that’s okay. You are observant.”

Katie Jerkovich



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