Fox Sports Pundit: NFL Has Helped Black People More Than Any Industry In America

David Hookstead | Reporter

Fox Sports pundit Jason Whitlock hammered liberals and progressives who claim football exploits black people.

“Let me hit you with an inconvenient truth. The NFL has been better to black people than any industry in American history. The NFL is the modern day underground railroad from poverty to prosperity for black men,” he said in a video posted to the Twitter page of his show “Speak For Yourself.” (SLIDESHOW: Celebrate The NFL Season With The Hottest Cheerleaders In The Game)

He also added, “Let the progressives keep promoting the unfair narrative that conservative owners such as Jerry Jones are all just a bunch of bigots exploiting black men. Yeah, lets tear down football and demonize the people who support it because the wealthy liberal billionaires have built industries that treat black people much better than football. Call me when you find that industry!”


Two of the NFL’s highest-paid quarterbacks are both black in Cam Newton and Russell Wilson.

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David Hookstead



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