Bryan Cranston Threatens To Leave The Country If Donald Trump Wins

Kaitlan Collins | Contributor

Bryan Cranston said he will move to Canada if Donald Trump becomes president.

Bryan Cranston

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During a podcast this week, the star of “Breaking Bad” was asked if he would take an extended vacation to Vancouver if the Republican nominee wins.

“Absolutely,” Cranston told The Bestseller Experiment podcast. “I would definitely move. It’s not real to me that that would happen. I hope to God it won’t.”

“It wouldn’t be a vacation,” he added. “I’d be an expatriate.”

“There will be books written, movies made,” he continued. “I’m telling you, there will be theatrical productions about Donald Trump because of the anomaly that he presented.” (Bryan Cranston: ‘I Believe Donald Trump Loves This Country’)

Donald Trump

(Photo: PAUL VERNON/AFP/Getty Images)

The actor was then asked if he would ever consider playing Trump.

“For me to play someone like Donald Trump, I would first need to have some time to calm down from him because I do have a judgment of him, and it’s virtually impossible to play someone that you have a judgment on, because then you’re slanted,” he said.

“I need to come at it from a place of neutrality so that I can build a character and justify what I say, what I do, at all times. It’s hard for me to imagine trying to justify what this man has said and done.”

Kaitlan Collins



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