Fraternity Suspended After Student Dressed As Bill Cosby In Black Face

Ford Springer | Contributor

A University of Central Arkansas student dressed up as Bill Cosby in black face for a Sigma Tau Gamma Halloween party Friday night, resulting in the fraternity’s suspension by its national chapter.

The UC Arkansas student and fraternity member Brock Denton posted a photo of himself wearing a Cosby-esque multicolored sweater with his face covered in black paint to Instagram. “It was a bold night,” Denton captioned the post, according to the UCA newspaper The Echo.

Bill Cosby has maintained his innocence throughout court proceedings. (Photo credit: Splash News)

Bill Cosby has maintained his innocence throughout court proceedings. (Photo credit: Splash News)

Cosby is in the midst of a high-profile sexual assault case in which dozens of women have accused him of rape. The comedian and those representing him have continued to maintain his innocence against all accusations.

Denton, who dressed as Cosby at the party, has been expelled from his fraternity for his costume. (RELATED: Cosby Pulls Out The Race Card In Sexual Assault Case)

UCA President Tom Courtway issued a statement following the backlash that the photo received, according to a local CBS affiliate.

“This institution embraces all races, cultures, and nationalities,” Courtway said in the statement. “We strive each day to be welcoming, inclusive and diverse, and will always continue to do so.”

The UCA Sigma Tau Gamma chapter has since been suspended by the Sigma Tau Gamma Headquarters due to the incident. Courtway promised that the incident will be investigated by the University and dealt with accordingly.

According to The Echo, Denton apologized for his costume in another Instagram post. “I wake up in the morning and pray to God that I can be just a little bit better than the day before,” he said. “And today marks the day that I have to be a lot better than the day before.”

Denton has received personal attacks and threats for his Cosby costume. “I swear to everyone that I have never stereotyped a person based on how they look,” he said in his apology. “It’s not me.”

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