Philadelphia Eagles Fan Has Rational Response To Loss … Just Kidding

David Hookstead | Reporter

One Philadelphia Eagles fan had an epic breakdown following a Sunday night loss to the Dallas Cowboys.

Notorious Eagles fan “EatDatP***y445” absolutely lost his mind as he screamed into the camera on his phone in the video titled, “Another epic eagles collapse! Sorry ass pieces of shit.”

“This nigga was all like, ‘I don’t know how Carson Wentz hangs onto the ball.’ Mother fucker! What else are we going to do? What else are we going to do? He can’t throw the mother fucking ball. Why? Because our niggas can’t catch the shit,” he said during his epic rant. (SLIDESHOW: Celebrate The NFL Season With The Hottest Cheerleaders In The Game)


Nothing beats irrational football fans — the most entertaining people on the internet.

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David Hookstead



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