NHL Player Gets Rocked My Massive Hit, Fight Instantly Breaks Out

David Hookstead | Reporter

New York Islanders defenseman Calvin de Haan started a minor melee Tuesday night against the Tampa Lightning.

Haan dropped Lightning star Jonathan Drouin with an absolutely brutal hit to the upper body that sent Drouin crashing down into the boards. (SLIDESHOW: These Photos Are Proof That Carrie Underwood Is The Most Stunning NHL WAG)

Within moments his Lightning teammate Ryan Callahan dropped the gloves and started trading blows with Haan. (SLIDESHOW: 12 Times Sports Pundit Kristine Leahy Looked Absolutely Stunning)


Perhaps a bit premature to start throwing punches over that hit, but there’s an unwritten code in hockey that targeting star players will almost always end in a fight. Actions have consequences. Haan knew that when he threw the hit, and he was ready to fight.

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David Hookstead



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