Charlie Sheen Handled The Indians’ Loss Pretty Well … Just Kidding

David Hookstead | Contributor

Charlie Sheen did not take the Cleveland Indians’ loss to the Chicago Cubs in the World Series very well.

“Sorry we fucking lost, okay. Sorry but it’s true. We fucking lost. It was exciting for a while, but let’s face it we fucking lost,” Sheen said into a microphone as he appeared to be intoxicated while at the Barley House in Cleveland. (SLIDESHOW: These Barely Clothed Women Love Baseball)


Sheen famously played an Indians pitcher in the movie “Major League” and has been a vocal supporter of the team, despite the fact he couldn’t throw out the first pitch. (RELATED: Charlie Sheen Takes Shot At The Cleveland Indians)

Don’t worry too much, Indians fans. There’s always next year to win the World Series with Sheen as your biggest fan.

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David Hookstead



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