Herschel Walker Says ‘Donald Trump Is Going To Win’ In Closest Race Ever

Ford Springer | Contributor

Former NFL running back Herschel Walker is predicting the election to be the closest race ever for the presidency of the United States, and he says Donald Trump is going to come out on top.

“I think what is happening, you have those people that’s hiding in the shadows that’s pretending they’re not going to vote for Donald, and when they go to the polls they’re going to vote for him,” Walker told TMZ Monday. “Because they don’t want to say that, ‘Hey I voted for Donald Trump’ and get blasted like I’ve been getting blasted.”

“So they’re going to do it in hiding and I think, in the end, he’s gonna win it,” Walker predicted.

Walker has been criticized for his support of the Republican nominee, which has resulted in some of his appearances being canceled. Now, Walker said, his business has returned to normal but some of his fellow African Americans have started calling him names because of his support for Trump.

“The truth is Donald Trump is not a racist,” Walker said. “this is a man that’s gonna fight for this country.”

“We’ve been asking for a change and this is the opportunity to get for us to get that change is right now.”

Ford Springer



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