Johnny Manziel Finds Himself In Some More Hot Water…..Well, Sort Of

David Hookstead | Reporter

Johnny Manziel did not have a great run in with a fan while shopping recently.

Instagram user “kimbomc” posted a lengthy rant about an interaction she had with the Heisman winner while he was shopping. (SLIDESHOW: 12 TIMES SPORTS PUNDIT KRISTINE LEAHY LOOKED ABSOLUTELY STUNNING)

She wrote the following:

Anyone know who the guy in the orange hat is?? It was late and the store was almost completely empty except for a handful of scattered customers. Carson, Grant and Conner immediately identified him at first sight in the checkout line, almost losing their ‘teenage cool’ because of their athletic excitement, lol. The few shoppers around us even quietly told me that it was him, but when I quietly and politely asked him his name, he seemed to be the only one who could not remember who he was. I even confirmed his very visible tats on his arm on the internet before asking his name, and was beyond disappointed for the boys that he chose to lie about his identity. Believe me, no one else seemed to be interested so it’s not like anyone was going to attack him. I was going to ask if he would be willing to take a picture with the boys, but we didn’t get that far. Instead, the boys left with a pretty tainted taste of him. Therefore, the poor boys had to listen to my lecture all the way home about character and maturity and how to act nice towards people, especially if they are a fan #johnnymanziel #insertnotnicewordshere #impressionableyoungfootballfans #johnnyfootball


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This story is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard. Manziel is one of the most famous people in America and has been under constant scrutiny for the way he’s lived his life for years. He’s shopping with a couple friends and doesn’t want to be a distraction, but somehow this woman doesn’t really seem to get that. (SLIDESHOW: This Sexy Woman Might Be The Hottest Girlfriend In The NFL)

Johnny Football has done a lot of things that are easy to criticize, but hiding his identity is certainly not an unreasonable move.

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