Salma Hayek Defends Questionable Clinton Donations By Attacking Trump

Katie Jerkovich | Entertainment Reporter

Salma Hayek defended questionable donations to Hillary Clinton’s Global Initiative foundation by attacking Donald Trump’s tax record.

On Sunday, the 50-year-old actress shared a photo on her Instagram account with her followers.
In the shot she is wearing jeans and a long sleeve t-shirt with a logo that read, “Hillary for President.” The caption next to the photo read,”Let’s make history #together Hagamos historia #juntos #vote #latino #women.” (RELATED: Salma Hayek Offers Donald Trump ‘U.S. History For Dummies)

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The actress got a lot of pushback from followers who called out her support of Clinton especially in light of reports that the Clinton Foundation is under investigation by the FBI into questionable donations to the organization from foreign donors.

“I don’t think Hilary is God I also don’t think she is Bill,” Hayek responded to follower @Angpete77. “I respect your opinion and appreciate you sharing it. I also have a right to share mine.”

“I have worked with the Clintons foundation and in my experience the money and support has gotten to many people and they don’t take a salary from it,” she added. It’s easy to confirm this since you can see their tax returns.”

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“I don’t know where on TV you saw those numbers,” Hayek respond to a different follower who questioned how Clinton left the White House broke to earning more than $250 million in 15 years. “I know that charitynavigator gave the Clinton foundation four stars and a 94.74. And the charity watch gave them an A. I also know that the State Attorney General order Trump foundation to cease raising money.”

“I have nothing but respect for you specially now that I know that you save lives,” she added. “I think that it’s healthy that we respectfully are sharing some of the information that help us made an opinion , but my question is if a hard-working HERO like you pays his taxes. Why doesn’t Trump?”

“@steve___moon it’s the first time I hear about the 250 million but I will look into it,” Hayek responded  to another follower. “I have heard Trump say many times she is a crook but I have not seen one solid evidence. I think if there was something really bad on the emails the Russians would have already leaked them but we are judging her on speculations. Ask yourself a question what has Trump done for this country or for the people in his 70 years of life.”

Katie Jerkovich

Entertainment Reporter


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