Chance The Rapper Leads Hundreds To Polls To Vote In Chicago

Katie Jerkovich | Contributor

Chance the Rapper lead hundreds of people in a “parade to the polls” in Chicago.

On Monday night, the 23-year-old rapper — whose real name is Chancellor Jonathan Bennett — held a free concert at Grant Park in the city. Afterwards he told supporters to exercise their right to vote and lead hundreds to an early voting site in the city, according to CBS News. (RELATED: Chance The Rapper Claims The Media Favors Donald Trump)

CLEVELAND, OH - NOVEMBER 04: Chance the Rapper performs on stage during a Get Out The Vote concert in support of Hillary Clinton at Wolstein Center in Cleveland, Ohio on November 4, 2016 in Cleveland, Ohio. (Photo by Duane Prokop/Getty Images)

(Photo by Duane Prokop/Getty Images)

The crowd of people from the concert were spotted walking through the downtown area where election officials were reportedly surprised by the crowd. Chicago police said they watched the flow of people but that nothing got out of hand.

People tweeted pictures of the crowd walking through the city on Twitter under the hashtag #StayWokeAndVote.

“Oh my gosh there is so much power in you…let’s go and do this for real,” the rapper told the crowd. Adding, “Like I said it’s a completely non-partisan thing we trying to go over there and vote real quick.”

“From @chancetherapper’s event today… thank u for bringing us together for something this powerful #StayWokeAndVote #ParadeToThePolls”


“all these people on their way to vote thanks to @chancetherapper #StayWokeAndVote.”

“Crazy scene at early voting center in Washington St. after @chncetherapperr leads crowd to the polls.”



The rapper went inside the early-voting site to cast his ballot. Last Friday night he performed in Ohio alongside Jay Z at a Get Out The Vote concert for Hillary Clinton.

In October Chance made it clear he would be voting for Clinton because she is from Chicago.

“Hillary Clinton, by far,” the rapper responded. “Not to sound selfish, but she’s from Chicago so I would hope that she’d be engaged in our city’s current troubles and needs.”

“I can’t really speak on her policies, but I feel a certain connection to Hillary Clinton that’s just not there with Donald Trump.”

Katie Jerkovich



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