Snoop Dogg Plans On Moving To Canada, Wants Drake To Help Make It Happen

Ford Springer | Reporter

Shortly after Donald Trump won the presidential election early Wednesday morning, Snoop Dogg announced his “new home” will be in Canada.

The rapper quickly turned to Instagram to express his feelings about the results from election day calling it the second worst day in American history behind 9/11. In another post, Snoop put up a picture of a Canada skyline claiming it as his “new home.”

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“My new home,” Snoop captioned the post, asking Drake to hook him up with some property. “Fuck this shit I’m going to the 6ix,” the rapper added. (RELATED: Amy Schumer Eats Her Words)

A number of celebrities claimed they would leave the country if Trump won the election. It seems that some of them, like Amy Schumer and Miley Cyrus, were all talk and have since decided they’ll stick around even though Trump will be president.

Snoop was excited about the outcome of one election in California where they voted to legalize the recreational use of marijuana. But apparently there’s not enough weed in the rapper’s home state to stick around if Trump is in the Oval Office.

Ford Springer



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