New York Knicks Surprise Army Veteran With A Service Dog And It Was Amazing [VIDEO]

Ford Springer | Contributor

The New York Knicks surprised United States Army veteran Luciano Yulfo on mid-court with a service dog during their game Wednesday and his reaction was amazing.

Yulfo had been on the waiting list to get a service dog for 18 months and last night his wait finally ended when the Knicks presented him with his new best friend.

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A representative of Paws of War walked onto the court with Yulfo’s new dog Murphy and the two made an instant connection in front of the thousands of fans in attendance.

The golden retriever immediately took to Yulfo and began playing with his new owner on the court.

The Knicks defeated the Brooklyn Nets 110-96, but Yulfo and Murphy meeting at mid-court was definitely the highlight of the evening.

Ford Springer



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