Richard Sherman Destroys NFL Player’s Wife Who Said He Should Be Castrated

David Hookstead | Contributor

Seattle Seahawks superstar Richard Sherman wants no part of Kaela Carpenter’s apology for suggesting he should be castrated.

Kaela’s husband Dan is kicker for the Buffalo Bills and took an extremely hard hit from Sherman during the Monday Night Football game. Shortly afterwords she sent out a tweet implying that the Super Bowl champion should be castrated because he can’t control his rage. (RELATED: KICKER’S WIFE TWEETS THAT RICHARD SHERMAN SHOULD BE CASTRATED AFTER ROUGH HIT)

She apologized for her actions, but Sherman isn’t accepting it. (SLIDESHOW: 12 TIMES SPORTS PUNDIT KRISTINE LEAHY LOOKED ABSOLUTELY STUNNING)

“People say whatever they want, and there’s very little consequence. For her to say something like that and then have a B.S. apology like she did, it’s just the way of the world. I don’t let it bother me. It’s something I’m very used to. It’s just the way people are, the way people were raised,” Sherman told the media during a Wednesday press conference. (SLIDESHOW: 12 Times Russell Wilson’s Wife Ciara Was Absolutely Stunning)


The only way the Seahawks and the Buffalo Bills will meet again this season is in the Super Bowl, and it’s likely Carpenter and Sherman would not handle a confrontation lightly.

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