Tampa Bay Buccaneers Receiver Turns National Anthem Protest Into Trump Protest

Ford Springer | Entertainment Reporter

Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Evans sat during the national anthem before their game Sunday to protest Trump being elected as our next president.

Players across the NFL have been taking part in a protest started by Colin Kaepernick by kneeling during the anthem in protest of racial injustice in America. The San Francisco quarterback began the protest by sitting on the bench, but switched to kneeling after being criticized for disrespecting the flag and the men and women who have fought to protect our country.

Evans is giving the national anthem protest a new purpose — protesting the democratic election of Donald Trump, who defeated Hillary Clinton to become the next president of the United States. Evans sat during the anthem on the NFL’s “Salute To Service” day, but he said he doesn’t want to “disrespect the veterans or anything.”

“If this happens, then America’s not right right now,” Evans said of the election results. “I said this a long time ago. When [Donald Trump] ran, I thought it was a joke, and the joke continues,” Evans said.

Mike Evans takes a seat on the bench (Photo credit: Getty Images)

Mike Evans takes a seat on the bench (Photo credit: Getty Images)

“I’m not a political person that much, But I got common sense. And I know when something’s not right,” Evans added. “That’s not a good look for America, I don’t think.”

When asked about his reason for protesting and whether it had anything to do with Kaepernick’s protest, Evans claimed it had nothing to do with that. “A reality star can be the president, that’s not a good look for America, I don’t think.”

Reporters asked Evans if he disagreed with the process of the election or felt that Trump’s election was illegitimate, but Evans simply doesn’t accept Trump as a person.

“It’s not about the Republican party or the Democratic party or anything like that, you know. It’s just who he is. And it’s well documented what he’s done, you know, and I’m not gonna stand for somebody I don’t believe in so, that’s the end of that,” Evans concluded.

Ford Springer

Entertainment Reporter


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