Two Guys Snuck Into The UFC 205 With Fake Press Passes And Recorded The Whole Thing [VIDEO]

Ford Springer | Contributor

Two guys walked into the press entrance at Madison Square Garden on Saturday for the UFC 205 fight with fake press passes posing as Fox Sports reporters. And, just as anybody who was able to pull off such a sneaky maneuver would, they documented it on Snapchat, according to Barstool Sports.

The highly-anticipated fight between Conor McGregor and Eddie Alvarez ended in a second round knock out by McGregor to earn him his second championship belt.

One of the two sneaky dedicated UFC fans periodically filmed little snippets of the night, explaining what they were doing and how they were able to do it. (SLIDESHOW: These Photos Of A UFC Star Are The Hottest Thing On The Internet)

The two young individuals watched the match with the rest of the press and ended up in the second row of the press conference following the conclusion of the event. (RELATED: It’s Chaos As Conor McGregor Arrives To Celebration After UFC 205 Victory)

Safe to say these two guys have a story to tell about the time they snuck into Madison Square Garden.

Ford Springer



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