Colt McCoy Starting For Redskins Sunday, But Not Where You Would Think

Ford Springer | Entertainment Reporter

Washington Redskins backup quarterback Colt McCoy could be starting on Sunday night against the Green Bay Packers, but not at his normal position.

Kirk Cousins will start at quarterback, but Colt McCoy might be called upon to play longsnapper if need be, Barstool Sports reports. The Redskins starting longsnapper Nick Sundberg is among several injured players for the beat up Washington team.

If Sundberg isn’t ready to go on Sunday, head coach Jay Gruden is looking to McCoy to step in.

“He’s pretty good actually,” Gruden said of McCoy’s longsnapping ability. “Not much of a blocker, but he’s pretty good.”

Reporters were surprised to hear McCoy would be called upon if Sundberg is unable to go. They asked Gruden how he figured out Colt was a good snapper.

“Process of elimination,” Gruden responded. And as for how many were eliminated before Colt, “Everybody,” Gruden added.

Good luck out there, Colt. Maybe the whole longsnapping thing will turn out better than expected.

Ford Springer

Entertainment Reporter


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