The Customer Reviews For The Trump Hat Ornament Are Amazing

Katie Jerkovich | Entertainment Reporter

President-elect Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” red hat ornament is available on Amazon and the reviews and question/answer section are awesome.

On Thursday and Friday, customers started sharing their ridiculous and often funny comments about the $150 dollar Christmas ornament.  (RELATED: Enterprising Bros Give NFL Quarterbacks Reviews, Hilarity Ensues [PHOTOS])

Trump MAGA Ornament (photo: Amazon Screen Shot)

(photo: Amazon Screen Shot)

“Was a challenge getting delivered and to the top of the tree, but well WORTH IT,” one reviewer wrote. “It immediately started worrying about the trees original ornaments that were having their job wages undermined by illegal ornaments that snuck on to the tree and were demanding the original ornaments speak spanish to them because they are taking over the tree. Then it ended the illegal anchoring of smaller ornaments that were costing the tree a ton and even voting against the tree ideals and what made the tree great in the first place. The tree almost completely collapsed, BUT THIS ORNAMENT SAVED CHRISTMAS!!!”

Trump MAGA ornament (photo: Amazon Screenshot)

(photo: Amazon Screenshot)

“This ornament arrived on time, all of my burned-out lights are now working again, and the electricity bill is under budget,” another person wrote. “Came with a small bottle of liberal tears as a freebie!”

“Not for use in safe spaces,” one reviewer responded. “May offend those with thin skin. May cause unnecessary crying or whining. Use with caution, make sure you have plenty of tissue on hand before opening.”

Trump MAGA ornament (photo: Amazon Screenshot)

(photo: Amazon Screenshot)

Some of the negative reviews got really ridiculous.

Trump ornament reviews (photo: Amazon Screenshot)

(photo: Amazon Screenshot)

The question and answers section is just as bountiful with off-the-wall comments. (RELATED: The single greatest Amazon product review ever written)

Question: “If I hang this beautiful patriotic ornament on my tree, will all my “precious little snowflake” ornaments melt?”
Answer: “I certainly hope so. ;)”

Question: “Will this ornament keep all of its pre-holiday promises?”
Answer: “Only the promise to imprison all blue ornaments. The tree will be protected at all times by a gingerbread wall. The Lollipop Guild will pay for that wall. The wall will be decorated with white icing ONLY.”

Question: “How many years will this ornament last?”
Answer: “Per the box insert, “Your Trump MAGA ornament is expected to last a minimum of 8 years and may have a lifetime guarantee if it’s allowed to operate with minimal resistance.” However, preliminary testing in real-world scenarios indicates this item may have a melt-down and fall apart prior to January 20th 2017 if exposed to persistent ridicule. see less.”

Question: “This ornament has no experience. How do i know it can do the job?”
Answer: It’s a self-made, successful AF “outsider” ornament that can’t be bought. How could it be any WORSE than the crooked ornaments running Christmas now? #drainthetree”

Question: “Do I really have to keep this thing for four years???”
Answer: “It will be here for eight years.”

As of Friday there is a total of 985 reviews and 212 answered questions — and each one is worth a read.

Katie Jerkovich

Entertainment Reporter


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