NFL Legend: Tony Romo’s Time As A Star Is Over

David Hookstead | Contributor

NFL legend Joe Theismann claimed that Tony Romo’s best days are well behind him.

“Let’s put this Tony Romo stuff to bed, OK? The man’s had three back surgeries, he has a collar bone that’s been broken twice, he’s 36 years old, he plays behind – the last couple years he played behind probably the best offensive line in football. Hasn’t finished a season in the last five,” Theismann told Bleacher Report Radio. (SLIDESHOW: This Supermodel Might Be The Sexiest NFL Girlfriend)

However, the former Washington Redskins gunslinger, who suffered a gruesome leg injury, believes that Romo should stay with the team until his playing days are officially over. (SLIDESHOW: 13 Times Lindsey Vonn Proved She’s One Of The Hottest Women Alive)

He added, “I think Tony Romo stays a Dallas Cowboy. He’s got a $24 million cap, you negotiate that down to a number that’s palatable for the team. If Dak gets hurt, he goes and plays, and you put incentives in if he does play. To me, Tony Romo’s got to be a Dallas Cowboy to the end of his career.” (SLIDESHOW: 13 Times Paulina Gretzky Looked Absolutely Incredible)


Romo hasn’t played this season since getting injured in the preseason, and rookie starter Dak Prescott has gotten the Cowboys to an incredible 10-1 record.

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