This Rapper Has Been Destroying Trump Piñatas At All Of His Concerts

Ford Springer | Contributor

Rapper YG has made a practice of destroying a Donald Trump piñata at all of his concerts, and it doesn’t seem like he is going to stop now that Trump is the president-elect.

At YG’s latest concert Tuesday night, he invited several fans from the crowd to the stage to help him obliterate a Donald Trump piñata. The rapper handed out sticks to each of the fans who appeared to barely be able to restrain themselves from starting to swing.

Usually piñatas are used at a celebration like a birthday party and hitting the piñata is somewhat of a game. People are typically blindfolded and spun around before taking swings at the figure and when it breaks, candy or some other surprise spills out and the hitting stops.

This has not been the case with YG’s Donald Trump piñatas. After the piñata busted and dropped to the floor everyone crowded around the remnants of the Trump doll and continued smashing it to pieces.

The rapper recorded a protest song called “Fuck Trump” months before Donald Trump became the president elect. YG believed the Secret Service was after him for his protest song and concerned he would continue making similar music on his new album.

Clearly the rapper is not pleased with the election results and it seems his fans aren’t happy either.

Ford Springer



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