Hall Of Fame QB: Thank God The Media Don’t Run The Country [VIDEO]

Ford Springer | Entertainment Reporter

Former NFL star Fran Tarkenton slammed the media as “a bunch of hacks” when reporters caught up with him on the street over the weekend.

“Here’s the deal. The media, thank God, don’t run our country. The media is a bunch of hacks that write stuff,” Tarkenton told TMZ.

“Business men built this city,” he said gesturing to the buildings around him. “The media didn’t build the city.”

Tarkenton said the same goes for our country and it’s a good thing we’re finally going to have a business man to shake things up in the White House.

“We’ve never had a business man to be in Washington. You watch how things get done in Washington [that] never have gotten done before,” Tarkenton said.

“You will see great things because he knows how to get things done,” the former NFL great said.

The president hosts championship sports teams at the White House to recognize their achievement, but several athletes claimed they would boycott the invitation with Trump as president. When Tarkenton was asked about it, he dismissed the idea as “disrespectful” and “stupid.”

“If a President of the United States, our number one guy, invites you to the… and you’re going to boycott because why? It’s stupid. Nobody boycotted Obama because he’s black, did they?”

“No, they all went there because he was our president. And you respect our president no matter whether you’re for him or not.”

Ford Springer

Entertainment Reporter


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