Von Miller’s Sex Tape Co-Star Doesn’t Want To Give Up Her Copy Of The Tape

Ford Springer | Entertainment Reporter

The woman who filmed a sex tape with Denver Broncos star linebacker Von Miller doesn’t want to give up her copy because she owns “50% of the rights of it and it’s just not fair.” (RELATED: Super Bowl MVP Files Lawsuit To Block Sex Tape Publication)

Elizabeth Ruiz appeared in court Wednesday in L.A. in regards to the tape which Miller has taken legal action to prevent from being distributed. The Broncos star, who filed the suit under the name “John Doe,” didn’t show up at the court hearing, but Ruiz wasn’t surprised.

Ruiz allegedly filmed the two of them with her phone getting intimate while vacationing at a villa in Cancun in June 2016. Miller reportedly knew of the tape at the time and insisted the recording be kept private.

She is becoming frustrated with the situation, mostly because she’s not allowed to keep her copy of the tape of her and Miller.

“It’s kind of frustrating because it was consensual. I own 50% of the rights of it and it’s just not fair,” Ruiz told TMZ outside of the court house.

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“I mean I already¬†complied to not releasing it, duplicating or showing it to anybody, but I want to keep my copy,” she continued.

Ruiz has three days to turn the tape in, but she might get an attorney to help her retain her copy of the tape. “This just isn’t fair, you know,” she said. “I mean, money talks so that’s why I’m on the losing end.”

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Ford Springer

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