‘Breaking Bad’ Star On Trump: ‘I Truly Hope He Does An Exceptionally Good Job’

Katie Jerkovich | Contributor

Bryan Cranston said he genuinely hopes that president-elect Donald Trump “does an exceptionally good job.”

During an appearance on the “Today” show Tuesday, the 60-year-old “Breaking Bad” star admitted that he did not vote for Trump in the election but added that he hopes he does well because it will be good for the country and it is more important than if his candidate had won. (RELATED: Bryan Cranston: ‘I Believe Donald Trump Loves This Country’)


“He is going to be my president, and I truly hope he does an exceptionally good job,” Cranston said. “I really do, because if that is true, then he has done well for the country, and that’s much more important than who I personally wanted to be president.” (RELATED: Bryan Cranston Calls Trump: ‘A Bizarre Human Being’)

The actor also talked about revisiting his character Walter White from the show last weekend on “Saturday Night Live” to mock the president-elect’s cabinet picks and said he really wanted Trump to tweet about his performance.

“I want one!” Cranston said. “Donald, please. Tweet-tweet.”

Before the election the “Breaking Bad” star said that he truly believed Trump “loves this country.”

“I will say, right here, right now on national television, that I believe Donald Trump loves this country,” Cranston said. “I truly believe that, and I know he does.”

“It’s just that his approach on how to remedy America’s problems differ greatly from what I think should happen,” he added.

Katie Jerkovich



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