Johnny Manziel Responds To NFL Superstar’s Offer To Help

David Hookstead | Reporter

Oakland Raiders superstar quarterback Derek Carr reached out to Johnny Manziel to help the struggling quarterback.

“You know, I spent a lot of time around him. He’s such a good dude. I obviously wish him the best, you know … I hope that … hopefully one day he’ll reach out. [I’d] be able to talk to him and be a friend to him,” Carr said as part of an NBC “Football Night” feature on Monday. (SLIDESHOW: This Supermodel Might Be The Sexiest NFL Girlfriend)

He also added, “He’s so talented, so I understand why he was drafted where he was. He could throw, could run, a dynamic athlete, dynamic player. Obviously, he just had a little trouble. He’s still young, though, so hopefully he’ll get another chance someday, and he’ll be all right.” (SLIDESHOW: 13 Times Lindsey Vonn Proved She’s One Of The Hottest Women Alive)

Manziel clearly heard the news because he tweeted at Carr, “Appreciate that @derekcarrqb wish you nothing but the best and I’ll gladly take you up on that offer.” (SLIDESHOW: The UFCs Newest Octagon Girl Is Barely Dressed In These Jaw-Dropping Photos)

Carr quickly responded, “ absolutely bro! I’ll be in touch for sure.”

Perhaps this is the first step towards Manziel truly getting the help he needs and returning to the NFL. He hasn’t played a snap of professional football since being cut by the Cleveland Browns.

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