Jennifer Lawrence Answers The Questions Everyone’s Been Asking [VIDEO]

Ford Springer | Entertainment Reporter

Jennifer Lawrence answered some of the most asked questions about herself in a video posted by WIRED on Thursday.

Lawrence and her “Passengers” co-star, Chris Pratt, appeared on WIRED to promote their new movie which critics say “is the greatest movie in the history of time,” according to the male star.

The two movie stars took part in an “autocomplete interview” with wired in which they both answered the questions that are commonly asked about them on the Internet.┬áThe “Passengers” co-stars hilariously answered the many ridiculous curiosities about them as only they could.

Lawerence and Pratt answered the questions which asked anything from their natural hair color, to where they are from, to how their careers got started and even if Chris Pratt killed Osama bin Laden.

(Photo credit: REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni)

(Photo credit: REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni)

The stunning actress revealed how you can be like her, which she makes sound pretty easy. (VIDEO: Chris Pratt, Jennifer Lawrence Star In First Trailer For ‘Passengers’)

“I guess I’d start with probably a braid. And as soon as you walk into where you’re going, crack open a bottle of wine. Don’t worry about the glass, just carry the bottle. People will know who you are.”

“Passengers” hits theaters next Wednesday on December 21st.

Ford Springer

Entertainment Reporter


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