Joe Mixon’s Excuse For Wrecking A Girl’s Face Is Downright Embarrassing

David Hookstead | Reporter

Recently released police tape shows Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon claiming he knocked a female student out because she hit like a guy.

“She hit me so hard it felt like a dude hit me,” Mixon told police investigators during an interrogation about why he shattered a fellow student’s face with an unbelievable knockout punch. (SLIDESHOW: Celebrate College Basketball With These Sexy Cheerleaders)


There are a couple of problems with Mixon’s version of events. In the security camera football of the brutal attack you can clearly see the woman does indeed make contact, but it’s nothing major at all. (SLIDESHOW: This Supermodel Might Be The Sexiest NFL Girlfriend)


Secondly, Mixon is listed at 226 pounds, and a quick glance at him shows how muscular he is. He takes beatings from college football players on Sundays and wants to get paychecks to do it on the NFL on Sundays. He is a physical specimen. It’s hard to believe that a small woman was able to do the same damage as the guys he’s regularly taking hits from. Good luck convincing an NFL general manager you’re ready for the NFL if you think a woman pushing you is like getting attacked by a man.

Mixon reached a plea deal in the brutal attack, which is probably good because that video shows there is no chance he was ever in any danger.

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David Hookstead



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