Bill Belichick Not Fazed About Video Of Extremely Drunk Player Getting Charged With A DUI [VIDEO]

Ford Springer | Entertainment Reporter

When asked about a viral video of one of his players getting charged with a DUI Wednesday, Bill Belichick handled it only as Bill Belichick does.

The Patriots recently signed wide receiver Micael Floyd who was arrested on December 12 in Scottsdale, Arizona after falling asleep drunk behind the wheel. A video of his arrest was released by the Scottsdale Police Department and posted to TMZ on Tuesday.

In the video you can clearly see Floyd asleep at the wheel in his car that is still running and in gear at a traffic light. His blood alcohol content level at the time of arrest was .217, well over the .08 limit to legally drive, ESPN reports.

Floyd, who was on the Arizona Cardinals roster at the time, was released from the team following the arrest. The New England Patriots claimed the wide receiver on waivers shortly after that.

On Wednesday, Coach Belichick said that he and the Patriots were aware of Floyd’s situation when they chose to add him to the team. “We were aware of the situation before we claimed him,” he said when asked about the video. “He’s in an ongoing legal situation that I’m not going to comment on.”

michael floyd (Photo credit: Getty Images)

(Photo credit: Getty Images)

Belichick was then asked if his team has system in place to support a player like Floyd in his situation.

“We have a lot of things on our team to handle a multitude of things that players, coaches, anybody in our organization, really, that come up,” he responded. “There are a lot of things outside of football that we all deal with. It’s a long, long list and we provide a lot of resources for everybody on that.”

“So yeah. Absolutely, without a doubt,” Belichick added before leaving the press conference.

Floyd faces charges of obstructing a roadway, DUI impaired to the slightest degree, DUI blood-alcohol content above .08 and failure to obey a police officer, ESPN reports. If convicted, he could face a mandatory jail sentence of at least 45 days.

Ford Springer

Entertainment Reporter


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