Elise Lobb’s Golf Warmup Dance Is Absolutely Incredible

David Hookstead | Contributor

Golf personality Elise Lobb apparently likes to give her fans a quick warmup dance before driving the ball down range.

The blonde bombshell posted a video of herself doing the dance while wearing a white outfit. (SLIDESHOW: This Blonde Bombshell Golfer Is The Hottest Woman On The Internet)

A video posted by Elise Lobb (@eliselobb) on

Lobb’s Instagram account is quickly becoming one of the most popular accounts in sports, and it’s not a mystery why. (SLIDESHOW: These UFC Women Really Hate Wearing Clothes)

A photo posted by Elise Lobb (@eliselobb) on

A photo posted by Elise Lobb (@eliselobb) on

A photo posted by Elise Lobb (@eliselobb) on

Lobb continues to be one of the biggest stars in the Instagram game, and that’s good news for people everywhere.

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David Hookstead



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