Clay Travis: ESPN Wants To Treat White Athletes Like War Criminals

David Hookstead | Reporter

Fox Sports pundit and Outkick the Coverage founder Clay Travis ripped into ESPN early Friday morning.

In his “All That and a Bag of Mail” weekly posting he targeted ESPN for the way they handled white athletes, particularly Duke basketball superstar Grayson Allen tripping an opponent, while at the same time ignoring black Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon brutally beating a woman. (SLIDESHOW: 13 Times Paulina Gretzky Looked Absolutely Incredible)

He wrote in part:

This is what MSESPN does all day with its race-based commentary on every sports issue of the day. They constantly ask what would happen if a white athlete was black. And I think MSESPN has made a calculated decision to follow the mainstream media down the white men are devils pathway. You saw it with Duke Lacrosse, the UVa rape case, the Peyton Manning mooning and the Ryan Lochte story. I believe there was a conscious decision to treat these guys like war criminals even though all four men were completely innocent of any wrongdoing.

And I think that’s because ESPN’s deepest fear is being called racist. So they overcorrect on the liberal angle of sports and they enable guys and girls to make an entire career off of playing the “What if he were black,” card over and over and over again. Seriously, it’s a hysterical cliche once you see what’s happening. This is like 90% of ESPN’s commentary on race. 

He also pointed out that ESPN’s Twitter account has tweeted seven times about Allen and his suspension in the past day, but hasn’t tweeted once in the past four days about Mixon shattering a woman’s face. (SLIDESHOW: 13 Times Lindsey Vonn Proved She’s One Of The Hottest Women Alive)

He also addressed the issue on Thursday afternoon on his “Outkick the Coverage” periscope show. (SLIDESHOW: These UFC Women Really Hate Wearing Clothes)


No timetable has been established for Allen’s return to the Duke basketball team.

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