Charlie Sheen Tweets ‘Trump Next, Please’ Following Celebrity Deaths

Ford Springer | Contributor

Actor Charlie Sheen is apparently upset that Donald Trump is the one doing all the winning these days.

Late Wednesday, shortly after Debbie Reynolds died, Sheen tweeted that he hoped the president-elect would be the next celebrity to die. (RELATED: Debbie Reynolds Has Died At 84)

“Dear God,” Sheen said in the tweet, “Trump next, please!” Sheen repeated the second part five times in the tweet adding a middle finger emoji at the end of his late-night tweet.

Reynolds died on Wednesday after being rushed to the hospital after she reportedly had a stroke. The “Singin’ in the Rain” star’s death came just one day after her daughter and actress Carrie Fisher died.

Reynolds and Fisher are just the two most recent celebrities of many who have died over the past year, including singer George Michael earlier this week. (RELATED: The Shocking Secret About George Michael’s Lifestyle Before He Died)

Ford Springer



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