Debbie Reynolds Rushed To Hospital Day After Daughter’s Death

Katie Jerkovich | Entertainment Reporter

Actress Debbie Reynolds was rushed to the hospital Wednesday after suffering a possible stroke one day after her daughter Carrie Fisher’s death.

On Wednesday, someone called 911 shortly after 1 pm and ambulances arrived at Todd Fisher’s home in Beverly Hills, where Carrie Fisher’s family was gathered to discuss funeral arrangements following her death on Tuesday, according to TMZ. (RELATED: Report: Carrie Fisher Never Regained Consciousness)

Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher at the 21st Screen Actors Guild Awards held at Shrine auditorium in Los Angeles, California. <P> Pictured: Debbie Reynolds, Carrie Fisher <B>Ref: SPL1414422 281216 </B><BR /> Picture by: Splash News<BR /> </P><P> <B>Splash News a

(photo: Splash News)

According to the report, Reynolds has been struggling since her daughter died after suffering a heart attack on board her flight from London to Los Angeles last week. (RELATED: Hollywood Mourns The News Of Carrie Fisher’s Death)

Carrie Fisher's mother Debbie Reynolds is taken to hospital. TMZ reports Debbie was at her son Todd Fisher's home in Beverly Hills just after 1pm. The 84-year-old suffered a possible stroke, according to TMZ <P> Pictured: Debbie Reynolds <B>Ref: SPL1414784 281216 </B><BR /> Picture by: Splash News<BR /> </P><P> <B>Splash News and Pictures

(photo:Splash News)

After Fisher’s death, Reynolds shared on Facebook her thoughts.

“Thank you to everyone who has embraced the gifts and talents of my beloved and amazing daughter,” Reynolds wrote. “I am grateful for your thoughts and prayers that are now guiding her to her next stop. Love Carries Mother.”

Katie Jerkovich

Entertainment Reporter


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