Hero Quarterback Kirk Cousins Wants As Much Money As Possible To Help Other QBs

David Hookstead | Reporter

Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins is refusing to take less money in an attempt to help other quarterbacks.

Cousins and the Redskins are currently trying to hammer out his future and figure out how much he’s worth. The Michigan State product made it clear he wants as much money as possible, not because he’s selfish but because it would be unfair to other quarterbacks to take less money. (SLIDESHOW: Johnny Manziel’s Rumored Girlfriend Barely Wears Anything On Instagram)

“Secondly, there are other quarterbacks that come after you, and it would be almost a selfish move to hurt future quarterbacks who get in position to have a contract. If you don’t take a deal that’s fair to you, then you’re also taking a deal that’s not fair to them, and you’re setting them back as well,” Cousins told the media(SLIDESHOW: Johnny Manziel’s Sister Loves Showing Off Lots Of Skin)

What a low-key hero move from Cousins. Most pro athletes want as much money as they can possibly get because it provides financial security and they simply want more money. (SLIDESHOW: These Are The Hottest Pictures Of Johnny Manziel Ex-Girlfriend)

That greedy mindset clearly doesn’t apply to Cousins. He wants a massive contract to help out all the little guys around the league who might come after him. In a league full of people motivated only by money, it’s finally nice to see a guy come along and want more than $20 million a year in a bid to help the less fortunate. That’s once a in a lifetime selflessness. (SLIDESHOW: This Supermodel Might Be The Sexiest NFL Girlfriend)

Well done, Kirk. Get that money to make sure everybody that comes after you gets paid too.

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