Proud Single Mom January Jones Says Her Son Doesn’t Need A Dad Around To Teach Him ‘S****y Things’

Kipp Jones | Contributor

January Jones says she doesn’t need a man to help her raise her son.

The 38-year-old actress told Red magazine in a recent interview that she prefers parenting her five-year-old son Xander alone, and added she feels a strong male influence in the child’s life might do more harm than good.

“It’s good to have strong women around a man. To teach him to respect women. He doesn’t have a male person in his life saying ‘don’t cry’ or ‘you throw like a girl,'” she told the publication. “All those s—ty things dads accidentally do.”

The former “Mad Men” actress continued: “I just don’t feel I need a partner. Do I want one? Maybe. But I don’t feel unhappy or lonely. It would have to be someone so amazing that I would want to make room. Someone who would contribute to my happiness and not take away from it.”

Jones admitted she is guilty of having “very high expectations,” but said her family is doing fine without the presence of a man. “It’s not like, ‘Aww, I wish I had a man.’ After I had Xander, I went on a couple of dates and I was like, ‘I’d rather be at home sleeping, or watching TV or hanging out with my kid,'” she said.

The identity of Xander’s father has never been disclosed to the public, and it is unclear how much of a role — if any — he plays in her son’s life. Jones said the boy is doing fine in the company of her friends, her father, and other “strong women.”

The actress also divulged she hasn’t completely ruled out the idea of finding a partner in the future, but she did make it clear that conservative men need not apply for the position.

“I want a manly man in flannel, with a beard and an axe,” she said. “But then there’s always something wrong with him. Like he’s a Republican.”

Kipp Jones



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