Former Miss United States Barely Wears Anything In The Winter

David Hookstead | Reporter

Former Miss United States Whitney Miller apparently doesn’t like to cover up during the cold winters.

The model and boxer posted a photo of herself on Instagram Wednesday wearing lingerie while in the snow of Aspen, Colorado. (SLIDESHOW: THIS BLONDE BOMBSHELL MIGHT BE THE HOTTEST MODEL ON INSTAGRAM)

A photo posted by Whitney Miller (@miss2jits) on

The Instagram star has plenty of other jaw-dropping photos on her account than just that one — it is full of scandalous pictures. (SLIDESHOW: These UFC Women Really Hate Wearing Clothes)

A photo posted by Whitney Miller (@miss2jits) on

A photo posted by Whitney Miller (@miss2jits) on

A photo posted by Whitney Miller (@miss2jits) on

A video posted by Whitney Miller (@miss2jits) on

Winters are fun and all, but perhaps going forward it might be wise to put on a coat when it’s below freezing outside.

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