Kendall Jenner Flaunts Her Butt And A Wild Tattoo In Latest Cover Shoot

Ford Springer | Contributor

Kendall Jenner flaunts her backside and gets inked with a fierce tattoo for her latest photoshoot for V Magazine’s January issue.

The stunning Victoria’s Secret model sports some smokey makeup and a high-rising, one-piece black and white top that barely covers her bottom half for the magazine cover.

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The campaign that features several other top models seeks to capture “all the anxieties and exhilarations of getting inked,” and manages to make it look pretty sexy in the process. (RELATED: Kendall Jenner Is Wearing A Completely See-Through Bra In This Photo)

Kendall also shared a short clip from the shoot to her Instagram account on Thursday.

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The cover shoots for each model all represent a theme of “eternalness of tattoos in an industry known for constant change,” E! News reports. The shoot also highlight’s each model’s choices they have made as a result of their rebellious nature.

Kendall is well-known for being somewhat of a young industry badass, but goes about it in a harmless kind of “who cares?” attitude. Take, for instance, her refusal to wear a bra. (SLIDESHOW: Kendall Jenner Loves Going Braless)

“I really don’t see what the big deal is with going braless!” Kendall told Vogue in August. “It’s sexy, it’s comfortable, and I’m cool with my breasts. That’s it!”

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