Singer Says Torture Video Of White Man Has Nothing To Do With Trump

Ford Springer | Entertainment Reporter

Singer Ne-Yo doesn’t think the videotaped torture of a white man by four African-Americans has anything to do with Donald Trump.

The video that emerged Wednesday, shows an unidentified white man, who was bound and gagged, being beaten and shouted at. “Fuck Donald Trump! Fuck White people!” one of the men shouted as he kicked the victim.

Ne-Yo insisted that the torture has nothing to do with Donald Trump’s election, though and blamed it on ignorance. (RELATED: Chicago Police Hesitant To Call Videotaped Torture Of White Man A Hate Crime)

“Ignorance is older than you, older than me, older than any of us, older than Trump. It’s been around for a really long time and I don’t see it going nowhere anytime soon,” the singer told TMZ.

“The way that I combat it is to just try to stay positive man. I can’t even allow myself to focus on or dwell on things like that,” he continued. “There’s a lot of ignorant people on the face of the planet, and they’re gonna do stupid shit. And that’s just it, that just is what it is man.”

“Ignorant people been around before Trump,” Ne-Yo added when asked about the hostage video again. “There were there before Tump got in office and they’re gonna be there after Trump.”

The singer also took a minute to trash Hillary and Bill Clinton for deciding to attend Trump’s inauguration and any notion that it could send a message of unity for the nation.

“Anybody that is not supporter of Trump shouldn’t be there, that’s just what it is. Like why would you go? Would you go to a Klan rally if you don’t support the Klan? I wouldn’t.”

Ford Springer

Entertainment Reporter


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