This Elise Lobb Instagram Workout Picture Is Incredible

David Hookstead | Reporter

Golf sensation Elise Lobb posted a workout photo Thursday night.

The blonde bombshell was wearing workout gear and a sports bra as she lifted weights on a balance ball. (SLIDESHOW: This Blonde Bombshell Golfer Is The Hottest Woman On The Internet)

A photo posted by Elise Lobb (@eliselobb) on

Lobb is one of the fastest growing Instagram stars in the game, and a quick glance at her account makes it obvious why. (SLIDESHOW: THIS BLONDE BOMBSHELL MIGHT BE THE HOTTEST MODEL ON INSTAGRAM)

A photo posted by Elise Lobb (@eliselobb) on

A photo posted by Elise Lobb (@eliselobb) on

A photo posted by Elise Lobb (@eliselobb) on

Never change Lobb, never change at all.

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