Charlie Sheen: I’m Looking Forward To Donald Trump’s Impeachment

Kaitlan Collins | White House Correspondent

Charlie Sheen doesn’t think Donald Trump has much time in the White House.

After Meryl Streep railed against the president-elect as she accepted an award at the Golden Globes this week, Sheen said he agreed with her entirely.

“Everything that the dame Streep orated is beyond the pale of truth and we are responsible to even honor those words — those words of wisdom,” Sheen said when approached by a TMZ photographer outside of the Los Angeles airport Wednesday. “I’m a big fan of accountability and skills sets, none of which we will see on the 20th.”

When the reporter brought up that Streep was criticized by many for her speech, Sheen cut in. (RELATED: Meryl Streep Goes Off On Donald Trump)

“Criticized by who? A bunch of drooling douchebags?”

He was then asked what he looks forward to now that Trump has been elected.

“We look forward to an impeachment.”


Kaitlan Collins

White House Correspondent


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